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We are a partnership of Airline Pilots, Graphic designers and developers led by Peter Bruce - a Captain with a major European airline and former rotary and fixed-wing trainer. We fly what we draw and know the product inside out; our mantras are; ‘by Pilots - for Pilots’ and ‘Pilots perspective’.

This means our
cockpit posters are easy to understand - clearly presented in the way you would see them whilst seated in the flight deck, with the important details popping off the page.

We recognise the unique value of a full sized visual training environment and have brought our own vision, based on 30 years of flying and training and thirty years of design to produce training aids designed around the Pilot not the printer.

We design and print in-house and dispatch direct to you the customer. We have brought training school only products down to prices that individual Pilots can afford. Our prices are mostly less than half, and generally one third of the competition, and our product is clearly the market leader. We like the combination.

We continuously develop our products, and when we make an improvement to one set, we automatically apply it to all. In this way you know that the product you buy from us is up to date and accurate.

We try where possible to match the poster and panel sets to individual airline instrument and equipment fit; mostly this is a simple job and as we print to order it is simple to achieve.

We carry out contract work for other training organisations and airlines on request. You can contact us with your requirements at


Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer Video
3D Makes the Complex Clear
Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer Video
3D Makes the Complex Clear

Our Customers include;

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Our Customers include;

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We are here to help - Please
contact us, email direct - info@flightvectors.com or call - +44 (0) 7980 011706

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