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Create a 3D Realistic Environment

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We manufacture the following products for the Simulator and Training markets:

  • Cockpit Display Rigid Panels - Laminated & Mounted on a Durable lightweight rigid Foamex substrate
  • Cockpit Posters - Available on Paper or self adhesive Vinyl - both can be laminated
  • Exactly 100% scale
  • Create a 3D realistic Cockpit environment easily and cheaply
  • Digital CNC Router Files for outline, screen and equipment fitting cutouts available
  • Circuit Breaker Panels which can upgrade fixed-base simulators to higher training categories simply and cheaply

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Panels from Q400 (above) and B737-800 Trainers (below)

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Cockpit Procedure Trainer Overhead
Cockpit Procedure Trainer Main Instrument Panel Close-up
E170-E195 Cockpit Training Panel Set
Airbus A320 Cockpit Training Panel Set 2
E170-E195 Cockpit Training Panel Set 3
Our printed products are perfect for both the Professional and Home simulator market adding perfect 3D look realism at low cost. We can supply the images as paper or self-adhesive vinyl posters and as lightweight rigid panels. The panels can be easily machined to create cutouts for screens and controls and we can provide CNC router files to achieve a perfect cut. All of our products can be laminated for longevity and anti-reflective finish.

The panel sets create an accurate and realistic cockpit environment which can turn a PC based simulator setup into something that instantly has the look and feel of the real aircraft, and can be upgraded as more controls and moving parts are added. See the pictures above and below of the Panels & Cockpit Procedure Trainers we make which show the quality and 3D appearance.

Complete sets are available in the online store, individual panels are also available - contact us -
Boeing B737 Cockpit Mockup Trainer 1
Airbus A320 Cockpit Mockup Trainer 2
Cockpit Procedure Trainer A320 3
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Panel sets are laminated and mounted to lightweight Foamex board which is near indestructible and easy and clean to machine. Posters are available on paper or self-adhesive vinyl - both can be supplied laminated.

The photo-realistic design and finish is shown on the panels at the top of the page and the laminated prints below
Laminated Cockpit Training Poster FMC CDU
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Laminated Cockpit Training Poster EFIS
Laminated Cockpit Training Poster Standby Instrument
Laminated Cockpit Training Poster Printer
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Laminated Cockpit Training Poster FMC CDU
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Laminated Cockpit Training Poster EFIS
Laminated Cockpit Training Poster Standby Instrument
Laminated Cockpit Training Poster Printer
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We have standard panel outline CNC files which are free and we can also create individual item files quickly and at low cost - £15 or less per panel depending on the number of cuts required. As standard these are 0.25pt black vector PDF outlines but can be supplied in other formats. Contact us for more information -

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CB Panels prints are accurate 3-D look and 100% scale, available either as individual panels or as complete wall sets. These can be used on fixed-base sims to upgrade the training level at very low cost. We have Circuit Breaker Panels drawn up for the B737 NG and A320 Series at £195 per set - contact us -
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B737 NG and Airbus CB Panel examples

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Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster
Embraer E170-E195 Cockpit Poster
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Overhead
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Start Switches
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Overhead detail
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Instruments


Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer Video
Click on the images for our information Video's 'Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer' and '3D Makes The Complex Clear' which is all about our drawing method.
3D Makes the Complex Clear

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