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Why pay the extra for the panels?

Put simply, however beautifully and accurately they are made, posters are just flat pieces of paper on a wall, whereas the panels are solid and tactile, and can be placed at any attitude to represent the cockpit or flight deck of your aircraft. The panels are lightweight and can be stowed easily behind furniture.

Being able to set the panels up in their correct geometric locations gives you the perfect environment in which to learn procedures and cockpit layout and to run through QRH or ECAM/EICAS drills realistically. They are the quickest, easiest and best method to get familiar with the aircraft, and build 'muscle memory’ through repeated physical procedure practice.

When learning, an old phrase applies; ‘read and forget, see and remember, do and understand’. The board mounted panels lift you to the understand level.

Why do they cost an extra £215 on top of the posters?

The self adhesive panels cost around £100-£130 per set, and take three to four hours of time to lay up, smooth and trim. There is also a significant wastage factor due to the size of the panels.

Can I buy the posters and use my own panels?


What type of panels should I use?

Self-adhesive A0 size 5mm thick photo board. There is no realistic alternative; using plain boards and spraymount glue is impossible due to the size of the posters (think of hanging wallpaper with instant contact adhesive) photomount isn’t strong or permanent enough, and using self adhesive paper to print on means using poor quality thin matt finish paper. The best result by a clear margin is satin heavyweight paper and top quality ink and professional self-adhesive boards. These panels have a real wow factor the first time you see them, and they sell themselves - most of our customers have come to us after seeing a set.

Where can I buy self-adhesive panels?

It is difficult to buy A0 panels in packs of less than 10, which cost £140 at the very cheapest end of the market. We use professional panels costing significantly more that. We have found the cheap panels tend to have a permanent warp and are not as rigid or robust. For the individual buyer Amazon or eBay offer a lot of choice. With the Airbus models you could use a mix of A1 and A0 boards which could save a few pounds but you’d need to buy two packs instead of one A0 set.

Can I get replacement posters if I goof?

We do sell individual poster replacements in case the result doesn’t look as good as you’d like.

Can you give advice on how to lay up the panels?

Yes, our interest is in you getting the best looking product on the market and your friends being so impressed that they'll buy one. If you are going to attempt this then let me know and I’ll email you instructions and a list of the tools and materials you’ll need. Count on spending a minimum of £140 on a box of panels and another £80 on a steel cutting edge, cutting mat, and blades. See this video for the general idea -

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