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Cockpit Procedure Trainers - Static & Folding Models
  • 100% scale millimetre accurate mockup of your flight deck - Artwork adapted to your layout free of charge
  • Saves on average 1 hour 44 minutes of expensive simulator time per Trainee - 2 hours 44 with our Individual Student Posters
  • Panels are Aluminium sandwich (Dibond) or Foamex, and laminated for longevity - Chassis is welded Aluminium and stainless steel fastenings
  • Pre-assembled and Flatpacked for delivery - 20-30 minutes construction time
  • Unit price From £1895 to £3395 - no VAT
  • Carrel version with desks and Flexi-arm monitor mounts is £3395 - no VAT
  • Folding Wall-Mounted version now available
  • Universal version - changeable panels available
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Panels from Q400 (above) and B737-800 Trainers (below)

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Cockpit Procedure Trainer Overhead
Cockpit Procedure Trainer Main Instrument Panel Close-up
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Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer Video
Click on the images for our information Video's 'Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer' and '3D Makes The Complex Clear' which is all about our drawing method.
3D Makes the Complex Clear

Cockpit Procedure Trainer - Static model

Boeing B737 Cockpit Mockup Trainer 1
Airbus A320 Cockpit Mockup Trainer 2
Cockpit Procedure Trainer A320 3
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Cockpit Procedure Trainer & Carrels

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New 'Light' Trainer design

Our Cockpit Procedure Trainers are the best and most accurate available. Trainees have the opportunity to learn flight deck layout and practice drills and procedures before their expensive simulator sessions, not during them.

The Trainer comes in three versions - two self-supporting and one folding/wall-mounted models - from £1895 - £3395 with no VAT to pay. They are lightweight (can be moved by one person) strong, stable and last many years - we have not had a single fault yet.

We also make a Carrel version with 725mm x 550mm twin desktops and integrated multi-arm monitor mounts, including integrated USB and 2.5mm Audio sockets - £3395.

  • The original model has laminated aluminium framed panels and a single spine 50mm square section aluminium chassis design - £2795
  • The lightweight design has a dual 25mm aluminium chassis, self supporting directly printed rigid & tough Foamex panels; the same artwork but matt finish - £1895
  • The lightweight has an option to have the gloss laminated panels from the original model - £2045
  • Folding original model - £3395
  • Folding light model - £2495
  • Universal light model - interchangeable panels £2095
  • All models have powder coated chassis' to match the original aircraft interior colours.
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New 'Light' Trainer design

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New 'Light' Trainer design

Cockpit Procedure Trainer - Folding Version

Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer
Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer 2
Folding Cockpit Procedure Trainer 3


Laminated Cockpit Training Poster FMC CDU
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Laminated Cockpit Training Poster EFIS
Laminated Cockpit Training Poster Standby Instrument
Laminated Cockpit Training Poster Printer
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Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster
Embraer E170-E195 Cockpit Poster
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Overhead
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Start Switches
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Overhead detail
Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster Instruments

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