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Training Products for Airlines & Training Organisations

  • All products customised to your equipment fit free of charge
  • Bulk purchase discounts for Airlines and TRO's
  • Our 40% scale posters are perfect for individual Trainee issue - They pay for themselves by delivering your Trainees to the Simulator with layout & procedures embedded
  • Airline customers report 1hr 44mins reduction in average conversion course simulator time using our Static Trainers and Individual Posters
  • Our procedure trainers are lifelike and match your Aircraft fit - Your Logo is added free of charge

Static & Folding Procedure Trainers - Cockpit Mockups

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  • The perfect solution for pre-simulator procedure practice. Solid and long lasting, our Cockpit Mockups are extremely detailed and photo realistic. We match the images to your equipment
  • Chassis is solid and lightweight Aluminium & Powder coat the chassis in the colour of the Flight Deck metal parts
  • Displays are Rigid laminated Aluminium Dibond panels
  • The Carrels are identical to briefing room mockups with the addition of a VESA screen mount

We print our industry leading artwork onto heavyweight Dibond - a lightweight super-strong laminate of two sheets of aluminium bonded to a Polythene core. We further UV laminate the front side which renders it it immune from the effects of years of use and abuse. It is a robust and rigid material that will not crack or fade with time.

Dibond can be accurately creased and formed to create complex 3D surfaces. The modern flight deck is no longer a series of flat panels, and we match the ‘suspend your disbelief’ quality of our images with a realistic shape to your training device. We adapt our images to your organisation’s specific instrument fit.

The price is £2595 (no VAT) for the complete Aluminium chassis with Dibond panels.

They can be supplied flat packed and mostly pre-assembled needing around 30 minutes to construct - tools are included. Worldwide delivery costs around £300. We offer an installation service in the UK from £250 with delivery included in this price.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements -
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A320 Overhead

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A320 Panel Trainer

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E195 Overhead

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E195 Pedestal

Pedestal detail

Completed Trainer

Bare Aluminium Chassis

After powder coating

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Each model is bespoke to the customer

The reverse side of the panels are sealed

The Chassis is matched to aircraft dimensions

Main Instrument Panel detail

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We produce Flight deck training posters for most major aircraft types with the best artwork and the highest standards in the industry.

They are extremely detailed, accurate and clear. We design them to make the vital detail pop off the page with stunning 3D surface rendering to accelerate aircraft familiarisation and save valuable simulator time.

They are almost photo-realistic - you can see what different parts are made of and how they will feel to touch. This adds another dimension to how well Trainees engage with and learn from the product compared to the simple flat low definition line drawing alternatives.

The Posters deliver individual Trainees to the expensive simulator phase with layout knowledge and procedures complete, avoiding wasting Simulator time on Aircraft and checklist familiarisation.

Our corporate clients have made significant Simulator time savings and reduced course failure rates after adopting our equipment matched Posters - They pay for themselves many times over.

They are produced in 100%, 75%, 50%, 40% and 25% sizes with 40% being the most popular Training School size. We can print at any scale you need.

They are also available as Panel sets mounted to 5mm photo board for wall or frame mounting. We can supply these mounted to any stable surface or substrate on request.

For bulk orders the 40% scale Posters (1040mm tall) are available for less than £20 each.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements -
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We have recently developed a 9-panel, laminated, 2 sided training poster which we can offer for all our aircraft types. We can offer this unique product at a very competitive price. See example pictures below.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements -
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Pop-Up Banners - 90%+ scale

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Pop-Up Banners are a minimum of 75% Scale. If you opt for the short overhead panel you get 90% scale banners. Priced at £499 these are top quality display units with hard wearing UV proof vinyl prints that come with a case for easy transport.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements -
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Systems diagrams

We produce hydraulic, electric, air conditioning/pressurisation and fuel system diagrams for all major aircraft types. They are highly detailed, clear and easy to read. They are produced in A1 (£30) and A0 (£50) sizes. We offer a gloss or matt lamination service at £20 per sheet.

For product details and sample images please contact us -
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