Folding Cockpit Training Posters

So Good You Can See How It Feels


  • Double sided, both sides laminated, 9 panels per side
  • B1 (1000mm x 700mm) size
  • Each Panel larger than A4
  • Folds to briefcase form
  • Self-supporting on a desktop
  • B737 and A320 models will be available for online sale shortly - All others available to customer order now
  • Full customer panel content choice - Cockpit, sytems, procedures etc…
  • For specifications and costs contact us directly -
Our 18 panel folding posters are printed on heavyweight card using an 8 colour 2400dpi print system and laminated both sides. This gives a look and feel very similar to the aircraft cockpit panels and adds to the realism of the product. They are very robust and are self-supporting when unfolded onto a desktop/wall combination.

They cover both the Cockpit layout plus systems and procedures - the choice is yours.

Have a look at some of the sample images below for an idea of the image quality - the product looks even better in print.


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