Cockpit Training Posters - Panel Sets

So Good You Can See How It Feels


  • Now reduced to £375.00!
  • 100% scale (full size) Panel Sets comprise 3 or 5 separate sheets - Customer choice
  • Mounted on a Durable lightweight rigid Foamex substrate
  • Lamination is included in the price
  • Print your Panels with your own favourite registration marks - only £15 per poster or set
All our panels are printed on heavyweight vinyl laminate using an 8 colour 2400dpi print system, and then mounted to Foamex - a very durable rigid substrate used in the sign making industry. This gives a look and feel very similar to the aircraft cockpit panels and adds to the realism of the product. The 100% scale panels are exactly the same size as the aircraft.

Have a look at some of the sample images below for an idea of the image quality - the product looks even better in print.
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The 25%, 40% & 50% scale posters are printed on a single sheet (shown below) and are 15-20% larger than our competitors equivalents - we increase print size to accommodate taller and wider cockpits - The 75% and 100% scale (full size) Poster Sets comprise three separate sheets
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Our Products Are In Use Here

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