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Airbus Poster, Panel & Banner Models

  • Starting from £29.95 with free worldwide delivery available
  • The 25%, 40% & 50% scale posters are printed on a single sheet and are 15-20% larger than our competitors equivalents - we increase print size to accommodate taller and wider cockpits
  • The 75% and 100% scale (full size) Poster Sets comprise three separate sheets
  • 80%+ Pop-Up Banners are 1500mm width x 2000mm height
  • We can print at any scale including exact A1 and A0 posters - please contact us direct -
  • 100% scale (full size) Panel versions are printed onto 5 boards - three for the main instrument panel and one each for the overhead and pedestal panels
  • 100% scale models now available on self-adhesive Gloss Vinyl - A new product designed for permanent wall mounting. We use the most robust external quality Vinyl and then add a UV protective laminate layer (included in the price). For other sizes contact us direct -
  • Lamination is available on all products - from £20 to £50 - contact us direct -
  • Print your posters with your own favourite registration marks - only £15 per poster or set
We draw our models using vector graphics which scale up and down with zero loss of definition. Our smaller products use the same artwork and print quality as the 100% scale versions. We can produce any size or scale to order; please contact us direct for a quote -


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Airbus A320 EIS1 CRT

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Airbus A320 EIS2 LCD

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Airbus A320 NEO

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Airbus A330 (200 & 300)

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Airbus A340 (200 & 300)

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Airbus A350

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Airbus A380

Lamination now available on all Posters & Sets - Select at Checkout

Clear Satin Vinyl Lamination finish

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Production method
We print our sets in-house on a 44”/1160mm 2400 dpi eight colour photo printer. It is not the cheapest method, but it produces stunning photo-realistic results. The inks we use do not fade or run, and are water resistant (although we don’t recommend putting hot drinks or a toddler on them).

Panel Sets
For the panel sets we print direct to rigid Foamex (foam core board) which is light enough to mount via 20mm velcro dots yet sufficiently robust to last many years.

We offer single-side clear satin lamination (included in the Vinyl sets) from £20-£50 depending on poster size. Select options at the checkout, or contact us for further information -

See the photo’s below for a better idea of the panel set product.
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Our Products Are In Use Here

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